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Stella Chichicastenango Sky Blue

$350.00 $280.00

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Color: Sky Blue

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Quitapenas Charms

When you buy an ESENCIA PRODUCT you can get a box with Quitapenas Charms completely free.

Handmade in Guatemala

The legend of the Quitapenas traces its roots to the Mayan traditions of Guatemala. As the sun sets, locals share their woes to these tiny, handcrafted dolls, and tuck them under their pillows. Throughout the night, the dolls absorb all worries and allow sleep to prevail.

Embracing the legend of Quitapenas adds a touch of ancient magic to everyday lives.

* Does not apply to SEGUNDA GENERATION products.

Classic, polished, handy.

This small structured handbag makes a chic statement. Comes with an optional strap for crossbody use.

Handmade with smooth Italian leather and delicate Mayan textiles hand-embroidered on a backstrap loom. Its elongated shape makes it roomy enough for your essentials, yet remains small enough for a minimalist look.


Crafted by master artisans.


No two Marias huipiles are exactly the same.

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Each piece is crafted individually. Not two bags are exactly the same.


Fabrics sourced by self-employed artisans.


Timeless and sturdy, because durability is sustainability.


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