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Ethically Handmade 

Slow Fashion

For the Love of People 

An ode to the Huipil became a devotion to textile weaving and a celebration of the hands that make it.

Our Start

After proudly winning Miss Guatemala in 2007, Alida Boer had the honor of touring her native country. She took particular interest in the immense talent of female artisans honoring the Mayan tradition of hand-and-foot loomed textile making known as Huipil. She was inspired by their skill and motivated to help them provide proper financial support for their families. So she made it her mission to share this art with the world and, in 2011, created Marias Bag.

A Natural Progression

Marias became a cult favorite among fashionable women worldwide and was featured in Vogue, WWD and Harpers Bazaar. In 2020, Alida and her team started experimenting with weaving, introducing new materials and designs while continuing to honor the handmade traditions of the past. This is how Segunda Generacion was born; a collection that’s as timeless as it is adaptable and easy to wear yearlong, year after year.

Small Business to Small Business 

We work with a network of self-employed weavers and Huipileras, who set their wages and take financial control of their life. It’s a cyclical process that helps keep the craft of weaving alive. 

The New Luxury

Our Huipiles are hand-and-foot loomed by artisans, making them unique and slightly different. Similarly, Segunda Generación is all stitched by hand and designed to adapt to each user throughout her life. We believe that luxury lives in craftsmanship and durability, not in logos and trends.

“The U.S. throws away up to 11.3 million tons of textile waste each year—around 2,150 pieces of clothing each second”

– Bloomberg, 2022

Durability is sustainability. 

From design to manufacturing, our stuff is made for the long run.

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