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Woven Art.

Made in Guatemala

Guatemala has one of the richest textile heritages in Latin America. Our main purpose is to honor and preserve the legacy of our country.

Slow Luxury

Each Huipil is a testament to the ancient techniques that embody the symbolism and mysticism of the Mayan culture. Yet, 'ancient' in this context doesn't imply simplicity; rather, Mayan textiles are renowned for their complexity. Crafting a single piece can be a laborious endeavor, often spanning up to six months. This underscores the dedication and skill required, elevating the Huipil into an expression of cultural heritage and artistic mastery.

The meticulous and intricate process typically begins with the selection of the fabric, often cotton or wool, followed by washing, drying, and sometimes spinning the threads by hand. The silk design, which can vary greatly depending on the region, is then meticulously planned and either woven into the fabric using a backstrap loom or embroidered directly onto it. Imagery often relates to the natural world and some are made with the intention to protect the wearer from supernatural harm.

These aren't just ornaments sewn onto a bag, but a living piece of history—a testament to the enduring beauty and artistry of the Mayas. To discover this art is to treasure it. This is conscious luxury.

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