MARIA’S Talk: Chichicastenango

As part of our desire to preserve our ancient textile heritage, MARIA’S periodically conducts a meeting between talented weavers from different regions of the country with a select group of loyal customers and media.

This time we headed 145 km outside the city of Guatemala, a city surrounded by valleys with mountains so high that almost touch the sky. This city is Chichicastenango, famous for its narrow cobblestone streets, red tile roofs enveloped in the magical fog that is so characteristic of the highlands of the country.

The strong attachment of the people of Chichicastenango to their beliefs and traditions, is reflected in its beautiful and intricate costumes that tell a rich symbolism.

The weaver Juana Xiloj was responsible for lead hand in the beauty, mystery and charm of the region. “Within the Maya Worldview all nature is connected. Each being complements each other”said Xiloj.

The words of Doña Juana surrounded with wisdom and admiration to the guests for the intricate work involved textiles Chichicastengo region. And it motivates us to continue to promote the preservation of the weaving techniques and knowledge of our culture.

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