MARIAS Talk: Celebrating a Millenary Tradition

The third MARIAS talk edition took place at Hotel Casa Santo Domingo with the participation of Ruth González Marin (weaver from San Antonio Aguas Calientes), Karla Acevedo (Director of the Store and Museum Casa de Artes) and Edgar Navarro (MARIAS Creative Director). The conference was about the ancient techniques, explanations on the designs, their meanings and customs of the region.



As part of keeping our traditions and ancestral heritages latent, MARIAS organises an intimate meeting with the most talented weavers in the country, experts in the textile area and a select group of friends, clients and media.

On this occasion the attendees went into the magical textile world of San Antonio Aguascalientes, a beautiful place located in the department of Sacatepéquez, 53 km from Guatemala City. Where their typical costumes portray the beauty of their flora and fauna using one of the most complex techniques in the waist loom, the double-sided.

Incorporating culture and ancestral symbolism, each one of these artists can take from 3 months to a year to elaborate these complex masterpieces. The special guest Ruth Gonzalez explained how since she was a girl, these techniques were taught to her and it how transmits now this knowledge to the new generation in her family.



Karla Acevedo complemented the conference by developing the theme of the huipiles and regional costumes of Chichicastenango, Nahualá and Chajul, three regions that were incorporated in the Technicolor collection of MARIAS. In her presentation she explained the parts that make up each of these costumes and their symbology integrated into the embroidery and brocade that characterizes each of these regions.

From MARIAS vision, Edgar Navarro shared how design and fashion can be a key tool for the preservation of these techniques and traditions, and how it is the responsibility of all Guatemalans to be active entities in the care and dissemination of this knowledge to promote them and educate.

At the end of the conference, the guests had the opportunity to share with the brand a special moment, the opening of the second MARIS Flagship Store, located inside the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo, a sanctuary where our traditions are celebrated and lived.


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