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In the north highlands of Guatemala, a seed of the tree of life was planted. As this tree grew, it split its roots into three and sent them in different directions. One of the roots settled in Santa María de Nebaj, another in San Juan Cotzal, and the last one in San Gaspar Chajul. From this union the legacy of the Ixil culture is born. Three towns united by their history and their language, which share the beautiful male clothing known as “COTON”. The printed color of this clothing is based on red that represents the blood, the union and the Ixil lineage.

This double wallet is made of fine Italian Saffiano leather with MEN brand insignia. Red or Beige “COTON” woven by our artisans from the Ixil area. In addition, it has RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection that protects the theft of your credit / debit card data by means of electromagnetic waves.

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