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The “JASPE” technique is one of the most complex and beautiful ways of working on a standing loom. It consists of carefully cutting the threads and then tying them firmly according to the desired design, which can vary between jars, women, rivers and animals of the environment and sacred symbolism, to finally dye it. The skeins are untied when dry. However, these show unstained white spaces that correspond to the knots. This is how the warp is formed. As the weaver or weaver slides thread after thread, the figures begin to appear on the fabric, exposing the magical world that emerges from knots to reality.

Double wallet made of fine Italian Saffiano leather with MEN brand insignia. “JASPE” is woven by our artisans from Chuatroj, Totonicapán. In addition, it has RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) protection that protects the theft of your credit / debit card data by means of electromagnetic waves.

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