MARIA’S HQ Inauguration

MARIA’S growth brought the need to expand our headquarters and production center to a new space with greater capacity. Alida Boer’s vision was to create a sanctuary for the preservation of Guatemalan textiles where both visitors and collaborators could see the cultural and artistic value of these works of art. An open space that promotes… Read more »

Maria’s talk

An exclusive introduction to our iconic collections. In an intimate meeting with friends of the brand and the top fashion editors of the leading magazines of Guatemala, the first edition of MARIA’S Talk was held. This small gathering was held to exalt and celebrate the beauty of the Guatemalan textiles and the artists behind these… Read more »

Welcome letter

Welcome to our newly redesigned website!  So much has changed since we launched our first site, and since then we have opened our first Flagship Store at Plaza Fontabella in Guatemala City. We have continued with our goal to bring to the world the most refined textiles of Guatemalan Mayan Culture in the form of… Read more »